In addition to referring callers to a wide range of health and human service resources, Delaware 2-1-1 offers specialized programs to address specific needs and situation.

Help Me Grow

Ensuring children meet developmental milestones is critical to their long-term success. The Help Me Grow program works with families to identify potential behavioral and educational challenges and connects them with the proper resources to support every child’s greatest potential. In addition to calling Delaware 2-1-1, Help Me Grow can be reached by sending a text message to 302-231-1464 (1HMG) from 8 AM–5 PM, Monday through Friday. A Child Development Specialist will respond to inquiries via text message within 15 minutes. VISIT WEBSITE

Cancer Care Helpline

The uncertainties of cancer and its treatment can be overwhelming. The free Cancer Care Helpline provides patients with access to local and national cancer and human service organizations, enabling them to focus on what matters most—beating cancer.

Crisis Preparedness and Response

Delaware 2-1-1 is a vital tool in times of natural disaster and other serious crises. With one 24-hour source for news updates, critical instructions, and assistance referrals, public officials can share information quickly and easily, and residents can stay safe and informed.

$tand By Me

$tand By Me® is a coalition of community partners, led by the State of Delaware and United Way of Delaware.

Launched in 2011 in New Castle County, the organization now offers services statewide. Our mission is to provide Delawareans with a personal financial coach and a toolkit to navigate the challenges leading to personal financial security.

Together, we are working toward the greater good of our state by providing free one-on-one coaching in partnership with hundreds of community partners, including employers, educational institutions, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Our partners are involved with the program’s strategy as well as its implementation.

LIHEAP (Delaware Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program)

The Delaware Energy Assistance Program (DEAP) is a program that is funded by Delaware and the federal government for low income families. It will help them meet their costs of home energy. There are three main components:

  • Summer Cooling Assistance Program (SCAP): This component operates during the summer months of June-August and it will helps pay for electricity bill to cool homes.
  • Fuel Assistance: Helps with paying home energy bills from the period of October 1 - March 31.
  • Crisis Assistance: This assistance program will aid households in crisis during the winter months. Help may be provided in the form of a supplemental grant payment to their fuel assistance benefit.

Code Purple

Code Purple is a statewide movement that helps people who are homeless find a place of refuge or shelter when winter weather conditions become to dangerous for individuals or families to remain outside. Code Purple sites are staffed by trained volunteers and typically are located at Houses of Worship (churches) and targeted shelters that provide a safe, warm and short-term shelter which can last up to 24-hrs. Note: Activation of Code Purple varies per County.

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Delaware 2-1-1 provides one central resource for access to the health and human service organizations that offer the support to make a difference.

Whether faced with the panic of a natural disaster or struggling to meet everyday basic needs, Delaware residents can rely on 2-1-1 for a direct response and prompt assistance.